Bring Peace To Your Space Using Your Five Senses

Everyone enjoys going on vacation or going to a spa to relax. We need the time to get our mind straight, take a load out from reality, take a breather. Well, how about bringing that sense of peace back home with you?

Balance is something that most of us have a hard time with, but life will run you over without it. As a healer and wellness coach, I teach people how to relax at home. I teach using the five senses principle to help with creating balance.

The five senses, what are they? Sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell. You can choose a space in your home where once you walk in, all your cares go away because of the balance you have curated for yourself as part of self-care.

I try to incorporate all of these within my home, but the bathroom would be my 1st choice if choosing one space. Why, because of the symbolism of getting clean. I wash off the day and dump toxicity, which in turn helps me feel better.

The first step to take would be to think of what stands out to you when your on vacation or at the spa that you wish you could experience at home. It could be bamboo shelving, or all white towel rolled up. How about your favorite essential oil smell like eucalyptus or lavender? Candles for a visual effect, small speakers to play relaxing music. Oil diffusers can do double duty as some can give you a sense of smell and mood lighting.

You can run a hot bubble bath and add essential oils for an aromatherapy experience and sip on a glass of your favorite wine while listening to jams. I sometimes turn the shower on to get steamy, then drop essential oils on top of the shower head to give that aromatherapy steam shower effect. There are so many ways to create your space to unwind effortlessly.

If you need help with ideas on creating your space, please don't hesitate to ask.

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