What is compression therapy?

According to Beach Cities Cryo website: Compression Therapy consists of dynamic compression devices designed for recovery and rehab. The boot goes from the bottom of your foot to the top of your thigh. It inflates with air and compresses your thigh. It increases blood and oxygen flow in your legs which increases circulation, relieves muscle soreness, and greatly improves performance and recovery. The US Women’s soccer team uses these regularly to prevent injury.

Today was my 1st time trying this therapy at this location. I will say this one covers your whole leg and the air compression is much stronger. It is a 30 minute process.

I think I like it to the point I am debating on getting a package.

Circulation is such an important part of living well. With all the sitting we do especially now during this Covid19 situation more people are more than every staying home and sitting. This lifestyle of being sedentary is not good in the long run.

So of you can add more wellness modalities into your daily life u will be the better for it.

Now go check your local areas to see what is out there.

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