Don't be sorry for tears

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Ladies, ladies, ladies.

On this blog you may see me be passionate about how we as women need to be kind to ourselves.

In my 19 years of working with people in health and wellness; the main clients are women. The one constant is hearing how much selflessness women have. I don't even put blame on them, us, because it is put on us via social constructs in my opinion.

When I give women a safe space to vent and be heard I have had lots of break downs in our sessions. There is no judgement. I encourage them to let out what has been festering because for some reason we have been told to be strong and its interpreted as dont be vulnerable. I too thought keeping the mask up and push through until I took a personal development course ( which I advise everyone to take just to take time to invest in you). I learned that being vulnerable is being strong. It's being transparent and human.

Tears... tears is something I feel that women always say I'm sorry for and I don't like hearing it. Why, because it is not something to say sorry for. God gave us tears as an outlet for emotions rather anger, joy, sadness etc... It bothers me because I understand that we are made to feel it's a weakness because of being in a mans world.

We should instead understand our bodies functions and systems.

Each involuntary function has a purpose. coughing helps expel mucus that collects old blood cells and bacteria along with other things. Sneezing is a fast way to get bacteria out that can harm you and tears are like a release valve on a pipe of built up pressure good or bad. So my point is let the tears flow and allow your body to balance itself out. Don't be ashamed of them and definitely don't apologize for them.

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