How's ya-veda?

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

So, there are many things that symbolize the meaning of Life. On my current studies to be well rounded I have been drawn to Ayurveda which means "Life Knowledge".

I have always believed all things in our lives should be balanced and when they are not, that is where dysfunction appears. This alternative practice lends itself to a more harmonious process to balancing ones self. When it comes to western medicine it involves a trick of a quick fix. The after effect causes long term residual damage. Have you noticed the moment you stop taking the pills that the symptoms come right back? That should be an indicator that it is not a cure.

Have you heard of Ayurveda? Have you tried Ayurveda? Have you tried balancing what is imbalanced in your body? It is funny how it is preached to eat well, exercise, don't stress etc. Then contradict that by saying take drugs to help get you well. They give confidence to trust the drug but then track backwards by saying to eat healthy again.

What I like about Ayurveda is utilizing nature to get back on track. Most of us are aware of mind/body/ soul/ spiritual balance. Ayurveda has things called sense organs and sense actions. They gather information helping us gain knowledge, communication, and our actions. They help us perceive impulses and perform their actions appropriately.

Sense organs : Ear = Hear , Skin = Feel, Eyes = See, Tongue = taste, Nose = smell

Action organs: Hands = Work, Legs = Walk, Anus = Eliminate waste, Tongue & organs of speech = to speak and communicate, Genitals= sexual activity, urination, procreation

The course I am taking is by "The Ayurveda Experience" if you would like to learn more. Here is the link:


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