Stay Ready, My Friends...

Good Morning,

Today I wanted to share a momentum that I have adapted this year because of COVID-19.

The shift in energy has caused most to rethink life and what's next. The way we as people decided to adapt has been different for all. As I was not working yet working in other ways, I decided to make this year the year of education. Like the saying says, "If you stay ready, you don't have to get ready." My thinking is to make myself more marketable, and since I have the time to do those things, I have put on the back burner to life. Desires or skills I have wanted to do yet had not.

So far, I have taken a doula course, which included a childbirth class on Zoom. Zoom was very new to me as I do not work in the corporate world. I have purchased an Ayurvedic nutrition course, Mr. Jay Morrison's real estate course, and JillFit's 360 nutrition consulting course. Taking these courses to me is just adding tools to my tool belt. I have always shared with my younger cousins and niece and nephews that you should always have a skill or two under your belt even if you have a degree. A skill is something you can always fall back on if you need extra money or just a boost to your income, so you are not locked into the ceiling that corporate jobs do.

The other knowledge I have attained is learning how to sew. I have been fortunate that times like this, a lot of people have fallen back to the old school barter system or trades. I am the beginner of beginners when it comes to sewing on a machine, and I love it! It is a skill that I have wanted for a few years now. The next step is purchasing a sewing machine!

There are two other skills I would like to master, which are playing the piano, and playing guitar; bass is my favorite. So keep me accountable for ascertaining those too.

My point is simple, keep learning, keep doing things you love, so you have balance in your life.

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